Sunday, October 31, 2010

DelRae Debut

Doesn't like my skin at all. Top/middle notes are sharp and dirty. It's a beautidul perfume but nor my cup of tea( which happens to have a beautiful soft anise scent right now).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Profumum Fiore d'ambra

Synthetic MKK. Hints of the dirty that I so hated in Lutens'. Without MKK's honesty. Doesn't smell all that bad on my skin but for the imbecility of the concept: 2/10

Profumum- Alba

Luca Turin: " This emetically vile composition smells like a cross between Tia Maria and floor cleaner. "
On mah skin: not that bad a floral. It's one rather subdued sweet floral I should say. Sweet floral = tamed sandalwood. My skin loves it and it reminds me a bit of ambra di venezia. A bottle is out of the question unless it comes for 30 bucks or so. 240? Not in this lifetime.
6/10 (6 rather than 7 because of the price)

Odin Nomad

Pretty nice, wonder what will this develop into...hey where did it go??!! I must be anosmic to most of the middle and base notes of this perfume...
2 ( for cheekyness)

Fleur de Comores

Luckyscent says "deep and edgy", not "frothy, beachy". A somewhat complex fruit salad perfume, but no more than a fruit salad. I'm sure it would be great on the beach for that matter.